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learn to surf in Lanzarote

the best tips to enjoy your first day of surfing


Welcome to the incredible world of the sea and the slide.

You should know that surfing can be a very tough and demanding activity but whose reward makes the effort really worth it.

Surfing is not just standing on top of a board with a cool stance, while the sun shines, they make mojitos on the beach and the Beach Boys sound in the background.

Surfing is much more: paddling, reading the sea, catching waves, seizing them to the end, knowing the currents, different types of conditions, etc; it is an infinite learning.

Whatever your motivation to try surfing, you’re here; you will discover sensations that you do not even imagine and we will be happy to guide you in your first steps in this wonderful way.


Each person is different; There are more daring people and others more distrustful. The ideal is to have a bit of both since the one who is too daring can be in a situation of risk and the one who is distrustful will not get to truly enjoy. So a positive attitude, the desire to learn and pay attention all the time are key to making the most of your first day of surfing.

You have to take into account that the sea conditions are variable and there are more comfortable and easier days than others for our learning. Let’s have an amazing time in this unique connection experience.


First of all let’s make it comfortable, simple and safe.

In a surfing baptism the class is performed with water at waist height, always standing. On Famara beach, the bottom is sandy and without dangers, which is why it is one of the best beaches in Spain to learn to surf.

Our experienced instructors will take care of you at all times and remind you of basic safety rules when necessary. We will always be in a safety zone, taking foam sprays comfortably to practice standing up. The beach of Famara, like all, has currents and we must not forget to pay attention to these and other surfers with whom we share the session.


Foam boards are the ones we use and recommend for beginner courses. Good stability, good flotation and safer than hard ones.

The water in Famara is not cold in winter but we use 3 / 2mm wetsuits. We change them every season so our material is always in good condition.


Surfing is an intense and complete sport that requires a good dose of energy. If you are used to doing other sports you will find it easier than if you do not do any physical activity usually. Even so, you can do it and have a good session. It is important to have willpower and at the same time compassion with oneself. Rest when we need it and go little by little.


Famara is the ideal spot for the initiation and practice of surfing. It is also considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain with 6 km of beach under a cliff of unique and imposing beauty.

The majority of waves in Lanzarote break on a rocky bottom and require an advanced level, but Famara, having its sandy bottom, makes the experience safer for the initiation of surfing.

All schools use this beach because it has the ideal characteristics to teach. Waves all year round and good water temperature.

We remember that the weather conditions change and there may also be more unpleasant days. But that is part of surfing and an adventure in pure nature. Any day will be a complete experience.


Did you know…

Lanzarote is known as the European Hawaii because of the quality of its waves and its numerous volcanoes. That is why it is not surprising that the island of Lanzarote is one of the best surf destinations in the world. Here you will find plenty of surf spots for all levels, with waves and good weather guaranteed all year round. Who gives more!

We hope that at this point of the article you are already determined and willing to learn surfing with us in Famara. If so, this is what awaits you.

  • The classes last approximately 5 hours.

  • We start with a little theory, a warm up and go to the water.

  • We take a break and have a beach picnic (sandwich, juice, fruit, water).

  • Another heating for rapid activation and return to the water another hour.

  • After this session, a feeling of satisfaction will surprise you. You will eat and sleep like a baby and most importantly, you will do it with a smile on your face.


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