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Lanzarote Travel Guide

Discover the magic of Lanzarote in 3 unforgettable days


In this travel guide along Lanzarote, we are going to recommend you 3 proposals to make your visit to the island a unique and different experience.

The first thing you should know is that Lanzarote is a very accessible island, well connected and that it is also very cheap to rent a car, which you will need to make the most of your trip to the island.

Here are some of the main car rental companies on the island:

We also want to remind you that you are in a Biosphere Reserve and that the environment is wild, pure and fragile. So enjoy it as much as taking care of it.


Lanzarote is known for its volcanoes so we recommend starting the morning watching the youngest volcanic area of the island. Especially in the municipalities of Tinajo and Yaiza. The landscapes are spectacular, go calmly to let time stand and admire the beauty intact of stunning scenarios that will make you feel a very special connection. Drive through the LZ-56 to go to the crow volcano (km 5) and take a comfortable walk to its crater.

You can also drive on the LZ-67 that runs through the Timanfaya National Park (if you want to visit the guided interior of the park better than going at 9 AM and you will not queue).

Did you know…

traveling to Lanzarote is like traveling to another planet, its landscape is reminiscent of the moon or Mars and that is why it has been chosen by NASA as a training place for its astronauts to prepare for the next visit to the moon or arrival to Mars.

The road LZ-67 takes you to Yaiza, where you can stop for an aperitif at the “Stop” on the same general road in front of the town square.

From there comes a road to El Golfo located a little further south of Timanfaya and on the coast. There you can see the Charco de los Clicos after a 5-minute walk from the parking lot at the entrance to the town. A unique volcano and landscape. The beach is also of great beauty and there are great places to eat a good local fish such as the cherne, the sama or the bocinegro. Costa Azul or El Bogavante are two recommended restaurants right in front of the sea.

From El Golfo, there is a coastal road (LZ-203) that goes to Salinas de Janubio. It’s a wonderful road that many car brands have used for their ads; When you see it you will understand why. In the middle of that road are The Hervideros, unique rock formations that when there are waves produce a magnificent spectacle and also the beach of Montaña Bermeja, black sand with a red volcano on the back; perfect to relax and connect.

If you have not eaten yet when you arrive at Las Salinas, go to the “Mirador de las Salinas” they make delicious rices, the place, the service and the price are very good.

To take advantage of the fact that you are almost in the south you can close the day visiting the Papagayo area with its white sand beaches and its chiringuito over the mountain for a drink watching the sunset and Fuerteventura while listening to the resident DJ.


This sea of volcanoes is surrounded by water and in this area specifically, the Atlantic Ocean offers a perfect setting for the practice of water sports such as diving, windsurfing, kite and surfing.

Lanzarote is known as the Hawaii of Europe because it has very good waves and surfers from all over the world come to ride them.

So if you plan to see the volcanoes of Lanzarote you can not leave the island without trying their waves and be able to try surfing in one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world.

One of the obligatory visits of Lanzarote, when you come, is the beach of Famara. Famara has the perfect scenario. Its sandy bottom beach makes it a safe spot to learn surfing and therefore the home of most surfing schools in the island.

We recommend you to have a surf session. Connecting with the sea, the air and with yourself will make your experience in Lanzarote much more complete and intense.

If you have not yet tried it, do not even think about it, visit: where you will find new friends who will treat you wonderfully and you can receive 1 class (or media) or just rent the material if you wish.

If you do not have a car, the guys from SSJ (Surf San Juan Lanzarote) organize 1-day surf trips to Famara with transport (they pick you up at your hotel / apartment in Puerto del Carmen or Costa Teguise), 5 hours of class, full surf equipment , pic nic, all inclusive for € 55 per person.

Did you know…

Lanzarote is known as the Hawaii of Europe because of the similarity of its volcanoes and the quality of its waves.

The imposing Risco de Famara embraces the beach of La Caleta and reaches up to 700m high, so trekking to its summit or taking a walk along the 4km of sand are also great plans to do in Famara.

To eat and / or drink something; You have Surf Attack, the coolest place in town full of surfers.

You also have El Risco or El Sol, restaurants in front of the sea.

For the afternoon of this second day we suggest visiting the foundation of César Manrique in Tahiche. César was an artist but above all an ecologist born in Lanzarote and thanks to him nowadays, he enjoys an island that respects the environment. Among other things, the local architecture does not exceed two floors of height and has been respected thanks to it giving a congruence and homogeneity to the landscape of Lanzarote making it unique.

Manrique is responsible for the design and creation of the art, culture and tourism centers of Lanzarote.

Knowing the work and intention of Manrique is key to understanding the spirit of Lanzarote. So we recommend that you investigate a little if you still did not know.


We still have to discover the northern part of the island. A very different part of the south and to Timanfaya.

The majestic Corona Volcano is responsible for the geological creation of the North-East part of the island, giving rise to those of Los Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los verdes. This cave served as shelter for the ancient inhabitants of this island at different times when there were pirate attacks or volcanic eruptions.

These places adapted by Manrique and his team, deserve at least to visit one of them to see how the capricious nature has left some galleries of incredible beauty thanks to a river of ancient lava of 7 km in length.

We can continue to Orzola, north of the whole. We will see on the way the area of the Caletones where black lava, white sand and turquoise waters combine perfectly.

We can eat right there, since it is a fishing village from which the ferry to La Graciosa also leaves. If not, we can also go back and eat at Punta Mujeres or Arrieta where we will also find good food. There is everything but especially local fish and of course potatoes with mojo.

Did you know…

In Lanzarote, many films have been shot. That’s how actor Omar Shariff met the island and fell in love with it. Shortly after he built one of the most beautiful houses on the island, known as Lagomar, which tells the legend later lost by a bad bet in a card game.

Since we are in this part of the island it would be a shame not to go up to the Mirador del Río. You can enter the tourist center designed by Manrique or simply take the road that goes by the cliff and enjoy the views. Something truly unique and spectacular.

We prefer not to show you the photo of the views so you will be surprised when you get there. It’s a gift.

After this wonderful session, you will have to celebrate it by having dinner and/or having a drink in Lagomar, the house / garden excavated in a mountain. A place they could perfectly have designed for a James Bond movie.

It is in Nazareth, next to Teguise, which was the capital of Lanzarote for 4 centuries; Pirate village with the original streets and house. You can not miss it either. Also on Sundays has a market with tapas and live music, it is very fun.

Any questions you have, do not hesitate to contact us; We will advise you and help you get what you need (spa, massage, activities, yoga, etc.)


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